2017 Prophecies

Prophecy November 2016

“Why do the nations rage and the people plot vain things? The kings of the world, the rulers of the world combined their strength, they conspired to stand against the Lord, and His anointed one. They said in their vain imagination “let us break apart their unity and divine cords.”

I have told you many times that in Me you have peace, but in the world you have tribulation, be of good cheer I have overcome. Remember that you are the light of the world, you are the salt of the earth. You are NOT the problem! You are NOT of the evil one! You are the SOLUTION!

On this earth there is evil, but I created and empowered you as the solution to the problem. You are My treasure on this earth. You are the reason for this season. This season of uncommon grace came because of you. In this brief moment of uncommon grace, I’m pulling down the whitewashed walls built in your nation over many decades.

A stormy wind of My Kingdom is blowing, torrential rain from heaven is coming down to level and wash away these whitewashed walls of confusion, corruption, deception, and abomination. The altars of human idols are being leveled. Dynasties and establishments of wicked men will fall.

Embrace this moment of grace. A brief moment of grace that is fully embraced can produce a full-time favor that will impact many generation to come. And this wind of grace; the wind of change will blow beyond your nation to many countries of the world.

My sons and daughters, you are the solution on the earth and the church is your tool. Use this vehicle of redemption efficiently. Did I not say that the church is the house of prayer for all nations? Don’t quit praying, don’t slow down on your prayers for your nation and all the people of the world. As you continue to pray all the whitewashed walls will come down.

I am calling you to use this vehicle of redemption for the redemption of nations. For the Lord is coming again. He is coming for that church without wrinkle, without blemish and without any spot.”


December 25th Towards 2017

“Joy and peace is coming to you in 2017, but judgement is coming to them (the world). The workers of evil will suffer. Those who call evil good and good evil will face the wrath of My judgement.

2017 The Year of Accelerated Answered Prayer.

The righteous who calls shall be answered quickly. Make it right. Keep it right.

In 2017 you shall sow and you shall reap. There will be plenty in My house for My children and those who love me.

Your government (the government) of your land shall be filled with the awe of Me. They shall yet encounter a new shaking.

I will humble the haughty in heart and I will honor the humble in heart.

I will still restructure the structure of the government. The poor will be relieved. The devourers; those who have been devouring the joy and wealth of this nation shall themselves be devoured. They shall pitch against themselves for their destruction. There will be peace. There will be Accelerated Answers to the saints’ prayers as they pray I will answer.

There will be no more sorrow, no mourning among the saints. But Joy, dancing and rejoicing will drive their emotions and there will be peace.”

Inspirational Scriptures; Deuteronomy 13:14, Jeremiah 13:14, Isaiah 1