Bible Faith Series

Little Kids think their parents could do everything, have everything, and always excited to announce promises made to them by their parents. “…Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:13). Faith in God – Introduction

What is faith? Is it a game of risk, positive thinking, bravery, or a religious denomination? Is faith a doctrine, a procedure or a feeling? The bible is full of faith stories and emphasis on work of faith. The purpose is more than just to please God, though that is major. So what is the purpose of faith? This series offers a revelatory dimension on the subject of faith. What is Faith?

Every action we make is based on faith. Let me say that again. Everyone has faith and faith is the basis of every action. Do people switch in and out of different types of faith? Types of Faith

Why should it be hard to Accept Forgiveness and to Give Forgiveness? Joseph forgave his brother, but did they accept his forgiveness. Jesus was emphatic on unlimited ability to forgive; the nature of God which He expects us to exhibit…Faith For Forgiveness

The production process is concerned with transforming a range of inputs into those outputs that are required by the market. This involves two main sets of resources – the transforming resources, and the transformed resources. The Purpose of Faith

Faith converts intangibility to tangibility through a process encapsulated in the Dynamics of Faith. Think of a manufacturing production process…Dynamics of Faith

Faith Corresponding Action is by the Spirit of Faith. Faith Counteractive Action empowers dysfunctional faith. What is Faith Corresponding Action?  Faith Corresponding Action