Dynamics of Evangelism

In God’s schedule for the world, we are living in an extraordinary, and exciting time. I am particularly happy that God by His design grafted us into this generation. There are people who were not that privileged, who would not survive this times (generations). You are specially made for this moment.

Divine Solution

God appoints and ordains the right fit for every generation. You didn’t live 100 or 200 years ago, you didn’t die when you were little, your parents did not abort you before you were born. I’m so excited about it and like to let you know that you are all alive and here by God’s choice. Not your own choice! Not the choice of your mama or dad, your husband, friend or anyone at all. Your parents may not have planned you, but God did, He elected you, and ordained you for a SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT Reaching The Lost

The story of the Samaritan Woman Xrays/portrays the dynamics of evangelism. Jesus is the origin and the personification of evangelism. We see in the story how He positioned himself, His strategy for conversion, delivery method, empowerment of a potential candidate (He equipped the woman) and her activation for evangelism. She became the first evangelist, before the disciples. What is Evangelism

Evangelism offers a New Order. It opens doors. Freedom from prison, like jail breaking. It produces redemption, like redeeming a pawned item. When someone pawns an expensive wrist watch, or diamond ring, the pawn shop holds the item in custody and it is only released from their prison when the item is redeemed by paying the amount owed. Evangelism produces Redemption, liberty, deliverance, victory and more (v1-2). It invokes transformation (v3)  (Door of Transformation) Why Evangelism?

Who Cannot Evangelize? Evangelism takes place only on earth, not in heaven or hell. It is only human beings that are evangelized. Angels are Spirits, not assigned to evangelize. They minister to children of God. God does not evangelize…Who MUST Evangelize

Evangelism is the heartbeat of God, it is soul of the Kingdom business. Evangelism is a business. Like in any business, we need a success strategy for an effective evangelism.Effective Evangelism Strategy