Reaching The Lost

Text: Matthew 10:1-8, Romans 10:9-13


In God’s schedule for the world, we are living in an extraordinary, and exciting time. I am particularly happy that God by His design grafted us into this generation. There are people who were not that privileged, who would not survive this times (generations). You are specially made for this moment. (Declaration: Say, I’m specially made for this moment.)

Divine Solution

God appoints and ordains the right fit for every generation. You didn’t live 100 or 200 years ago, you didn’t die when you were little, your parents did not abort you before you were born. I’m so excited about it and like to let you know that you are all alive and here by God’s choice. Not your own choice! Not the choice of your mama or dad, your husband, friend or anyone at all. Your parents may not have planned you, but God did, He elected you, and ordained you for a SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT. News flash: You are here on a MISSION! (Declaration). So, far beyond your dream, ambition and desires in life, God appointed you for this generation so you’ll effectively engage in the SOLUTION SERVICES for the lost and the dying world.

God’s one and only, tried and true program that provides cure for the dilemma of the world is evangelism. And it is satisfying to know that most Christians regardless their orientation, affiliation or denomination have this common understanding that soul winning or evangelism is the heartbeat of God. And it is the ultimate mandate to you and I. Jesus had to wait till the last moment, when everything else was out of the way, when all other command and instructions were all settled, then He gave the most important charge “GO YE into all the world…” Evangelism is the great commission.

The Great Commission

The great commission is a mandate from God, (Matt 28:18, Mk 16:15, John 15:16, II Tim 4:1-5). It is not a suggestion, it is not optional. It is mandatory. It is an order in which there is no retreat. (Ezekiel 33:8. Emphasis Vs 12-16).

The passage clearly underscores our responsibility to the lost. He is wicked, he is a sinner (for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God – Rom 3:23). A lost person is kidnapped and held hostage by satan who has blinded the person from seeing the light of the gospel. Sin separates and estranged a person from God. A sinner becomes the enemy of God. (Rom 5:8-10). You can give all monies, food, clothing, hug, and everything that will not take in him to heaven. That cannot stop him from going to hell.

The lost was heading straight to hell in the absence of any intervention, but God is not delighted in their death or destruction. (Rom 5:8, Ezekiel 18:23, 32, 2 Peter 3:9). God wants the lost found and make home in His kingdom. However, John 3:3 is not negotiable, and no one can circumvent it, except a man be born again he cannot enter the kingdom of God.

Irrevocable Call

There is a clarion call for co-laborers on the field of evangelism. Truly the harvest is plenty, but workers are needed. There is a place for you. You are an excellent fit. You are born-again for it and you are qualified (Rom 10:12-15).

You are the preacher God is counting on. A blind man cannot help another. This is the reason Jesus called on His disciples in Matt 10:1-8, Lk 9:1-2, 60. At another time He commissioned 70 followers. Paul called Timothy to the duty of evangelism. Philip the Deacon (Acts 6), evangelized the city of Samaria, and a great multitude received Jesus. Stephen evangelized a large crowd where Paul was standing as a witness. Eventually God appeared to Paul, after the Stephen’s testimony of Jesus, Paul became a great Apostle who evangelized many countries in Asia and Europe. Because he responded to the duty of evangelism, there now churches all over Western Hemisphere. Britain and America can boast of great evangelists who were always hungry for souls; Billy Graham, John Wesley, Kathryn Kuhlman, Charles Finney, DL. Moody, Praying Hyde etc.