Connect with God

Why does God crave a relationship and fellowship with you and all humans?

God made man a spirit that has a soul, and lives in a body

Man is the crown of God’s work, made in His image

He is the righteousness of God made to share His glory

He is God’s special possession, royal and holy priest, chosen to declare His praises

Most of all, he was created for Relationship and Fellowship with God.

God blessed him to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue the earth and have dominion in Genesis 1:28.

The different Greek words used in the bible as dominion are; Katakyrieuo, kyrieuo, and Kratos, dominion in Genesis 1:26 and 28 is from Hebrew word Radha, which means; Lord it over, establish lordship, master it, exercise authority, take control, bear rule and reign on earth over all the creation. Now so that man could do a good job in his assigned position and authority, he needs to be in relationship and fellowship with God. He needs the direction and instructions from God, the maker of the earth. In other words he needs the manufacturer’s manual.

God gave him a test after he was created. God told man to name all the animals. It wasn’t supernaturally amazing that he scored a straight A. He gave them all the names that God had in mind. That was a man knew the mind of God, and was super successful in his partnership with God. And for him to continue in his astonishingly  awesome performance he has to stay connected with God in Relationship and Fellowship (evidence of effective discipleship). That is the way he would have his dynamic manual.

But the enemy of man has a strategy; disconnection, deception, and destruction. If he could disconnect you from vital fellowship with God, then he can deceive you, and if he can deceive you then he can steal your stuffs. In the case of the representative man, the first family – Adam and Eve, He disconnected their relationship and fellowship with God. By Adam’s surrender to the devil, he resisted God and relinquished his dominion rights to the devil. Man “fell short of the glory of God”. Bible said man “died”, this is not a cessation of man, it does not mean termination of his existence. It only means the man in him died, the man that was in the image of God; the spirit died, (true worshiper must worship Him in spirit and in truth, for God is Spirit – John 4:24). Remember man is a spirit.

So if man wants to re-establish relationship and fellowship with God, he must be born again through salvation. John 3: 3-5 and 15-16. To regain his dominion, he needs salvation desperately. The journey 

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