We are so excited you made it here! First off, know that we crave to be a part of your vision and aspiration to worship God with your obedience to His command and commission. We hope that you find your connection with us very vital and fulfilling as we partner to build a strong diversified community of those who want a daily lifestyle of outreach.

The purpose of our existence is about creating value. The value of worldly accomplishments and  awards will diminish, but the value of our acts of compassion has eternal appreciation. Most importantly we engage in this MasterzBiz because we love Him.

You are welcome to post testimonies, comments and experiences that will inspire and equip the community for this commission.

Have fun!

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Surely Calvary represents a fearful price. But your soul and mine and the millions thus far redeemed and other millions yet to be redeemed, a wrecked earth restored back to Eden perfection, the kingdoms of this world wrested from the grasp of the usurper and delivered over to the reign of their rightful King!—when we shall see all this shall we not gladly say, “Behold the purchase!” (Francis A. McGaw)

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