Main Scriptures;

John 3:3-5, 15-16; 14:6, Isa 53:3-7, Heb 9:11-15; 21-22; 27-28, 2Cor 5:17-21, 1Cor 15:50-53, 40-42, Lk 19:10, Psalms 8, Gen 1:28, Rom 3:23, Rom 6:23, Eph 5:26.

Key words:

Salvation, Saved, Redemption, Righteousness, Remission, Justification, Assurance

Foundation Text: Psalms 8, Rom 3:23, John 3:3-5


What is man?

He is a spirit, having soul, living in a body

He is the crown of God’s work, made in the image of God

He is the righteousness of God made to share the glory of God

He is peculiar, royal, holy priest, chosen to show the praises of God

Most of all he is created for Relationship and Fellowship.

God blessed him to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue the earth and have dominion.

The Greek words used severally as dominion are; Katakyrieuo, kyrieuo, and Kratos. But dominion in Gen 1:26 and 28 is from Hebrew word Radha; Lord it over, establish lordship, master it, exercise authority, take control, bear rule and reign on earth over all the creation. Now to do a good job, he needs to be in relationship and fellowship with God. He needs the compass, rudder, direction, and instructions from the maker/creator of the earth. So he needs the manufacturer’s manual.

God gave him a test after he was created. God told him to name all the animals. He scored a straight A. He gave them all the names that God had in mind. So this man knows the mind of God and was super successful in his partnership with God. For man to continue in his astounding, astonishing brandishing, awesome performance he must stay in Relationship and Fellowship with God. That is the way he would have the manual.

But the enemy of man has a strategy; disconnection, deception, and destruction. If he could disconnect you from vital fellowship with God, then he can deceive you, and if he can deceive you then he can steal your stuffs. In the case of the representative man, the first family – Adam and Eve, He disconnected their relationship and fellowship with God. By Adam’s surrender to the devil, he resisted God and relinquished his dominion rights to the devil. Man “fell short of the glory of God”. Bible said man “died”, this is not a cessation of man, it does not mean termination of his existence. It only means the man in him died, the man that was in the image of God; the spirit died, (true worshiper must worship Him in spirit and in truth, for God is Spirit – John4:24). Remember man is a spirit.

So if man wants back in relationship and fellowship with God, he must be born again through salvation. John 3: 3-5 and 15-16. To regain his dominion, he needs salvation desperately.

Salvation Defined

The Greek word translated Salvation (noun) is Soteria. This agrees with Hebrews words; Yesa and Tsua that were used for salvation in Bible.

The verb of Soretia is Sodzo in Greek which means saved. Soteria means salvation, rescue, deliverance, the state of not being in grave danger and so being safe; this can refer to safety from ordinary dangers and condition on earth, but it usually refers to the state of believers being safe from righteous wrath and in a proper relationship with God.

Barnes Note;

Salvation properly denotes preservation, or keeping anything in a safe state; it signifies also, deliverance from any evil of body or mind, from pain, sickness, danger, etc

Deliverance of the soul from the sin:

A consequence of freedom from sin, freedom from all the ills to which sin imposed on man, and the attainment of that perfect peace and joy.

Redemption – Apolutrosis (Gk):

The act of setting free or releasing by paying a ransom price, and the act of buying back by paying a ransom price. Jesus Christ paid the ransom price with His own blood (1 Pt 1:18-19) to free us from the demands of the law and curses of sin to become children of God (Gal 3:13; 4:5)

The connotation of Salvation;

Deliverance from slavery and oppression of satan, and from poverty.

Freedom from curses; sickness, sin, death

Restoration of peace, joy and love

Adoption as children by God – Eph 1:5

Provision of a new life in Christ (2 Cor 5:17); we become the righteousness of God, having right standing before Him.

Who Needs Salvation?

Everyone must receive salvation, for everyone born after the first man Adam by nature inherited death. For everyone has sinned and fall short of the glory of God, (Rom 3:23). Man was made to be in the image of God, that is the nature of righteousness, a state of no sin. Man was made not to sin because sin is an enemy of righteousness. Until Adam sinned Jesus did not need to come. Sin separates man from God (Isa 59:1-2). The wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23). So to be alive again spiritually we must be born again, John 3:3-5, 15-16.

Our right doing alone can’t get the job done (Isa 64:6), our religion can’t, our family, friend and familiar or unfamiliar relationships can’t help us, ONLY the grace of God by faith in Jesus can save us.

Salvation is Personal

It is non-negotiable; it is only for the owner alone. It is not transferable from mother to children, husband to wife, or a friend to another friend. My salvation is personal; I cannot transfer mine or pluralize it to secure my wife’s and children’s salvation or any other person for that matter. John 3:15-16, whosoever is singular and individual, because everyone that would be saved must believe in her/his heart and confess with his/her mouth that Jesus is Lord. However my prayer, my Christian lifestyle can influence my family for their redemption.

Salvation before the Age of Accountability

Children are innocent until they come to the age of accountability (when a child knows good and evil). They do not require salvation since faith is needed to be saved. Eph 2:8 by grace are you saved through faith… Little children do not have the capacity to exercise faith in God. John 3:18 says …whoever does not believe in Him stands condemned or judged. That is, anyone who rejects Jesus is condemned. So only those who have matured and can consciously exercise the judgment of accepting or rejecting Jesus, but decided to reject Jesus are in that category. If they die before the age of accountability, their spirits go back to God as they are have not committed any sin. David said  “While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept. I thought, ‘Who knows? The Lord may be gracious to me and let the child live.’ But now that he is dead, why should I go on fasting? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me.” (2 Samuel 12:22-23). David is saying that he will one day be with the child again.

 Who is the Savior?

Isa 53:3-7, Heb 9:11-15, 20-22, 27-28

The agent of salvation is the Spirit of God that brings conviction and leads us to Jesus Christ, but the savior is Jesus Christ.

The requirement of the law is that atonement must be made for the type of offense committed by man. Transferring the dominion and the kingdom of God on earth to the enemy of God by man was High Treason that must be satisfied in full by capital punishment. Now, God is a just God. He cannot prosecute or punish the devil that rebelled against Him, but look the other side when man did the same thing.

Under the law, atonement is usually by sacrifice, but the blood of bull and calf is limited in efficacy, only the blood of a just and sinless person with active spirit can pay for the offense of a sinner and achieve the remission of sin. That is to completely blot out the sin of man. Jesus Christ was the only one that was tempted in all ways but did not sin and therefore qualified to be the savior. (2 Cor 5:21, John 14:3, Acts 4:10-12).

How to Receive Salvation

Jesus said we must be born of water and the spirit (John3:5). The water represents the WORD of God. This was clearly stated by Paul in Eph 5:26; washing of water by the Word of God. What can wash away our sin is Jesus or blood of Jesus and Jesus is the Word of God. (John1:1-15). How did God create the earth and all things? By the Word and the Spirit; His Spirit was broading upon the face of the deep and God said (Spoken Word) “let there be”.

The recreation of our Spirit follows the same model. Believe the Word of God, speak the WORD and the Spirit of God uses the Word to recreate our spirit. This is like a manufacturing process. The Word is the raw material, the Spirit is the production machine and God id the Manufacturer. In all of God’s productions including the birth of Jesus the pattern remains the same. Mary heard the Word of God, she believed and confessed the word of God and the Spirit of God overshadow her, then, she conceived and gave birth to Salvation (Jesus).

Salvation is like marriage. Who gives this bride away in marriage? That is the Holy Spirit. The bridegroom, Jesus Christ is the one that redeems the bride and God the Father is the Priest. A marriage is a covenant and it involves the exchange of vows. So to be born again we must confess our vow, with our heart we believe unto righteousness and with our mouth we confess unto salvation (Rom 10:9-10).

We don’t have to work it out. It is not of works lest any man should boast its free gift of God.

Evidence of Salvation

The spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God (Rom 8:16)

Types of Salvation

Salvation of the Spirit; an instant and past salvation that happened the day you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and savior, (Rom 10: 9-10)

Salvation of the mind; a gradually and present, supposedly daily occurrence that happens through the Renewal of mind by the word of God (Rom. 12:1-2)

Salvation of the body; an instant future event that happens at the second coming of Jesus Christ, (1 Cor 15: 51-54) How do I know this refers to human body? Back up to Verse 40.



Salvation is a type of baptism (Baptisma – Gk). There are there types of baptism; Baptism of water, Baptism into the body of Christ and Baptism in the Spirit. Baptize is from the Greek word Baptizo, which means to immerse, submerge, to make whelmed (fully wet). Salvation is baptism into the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:13, Rom 6:3). At salvation we are joined with Christ like in marriage, Matt 19:5 Jesus said ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. We become one with Christ and joint-heir with Christ for all inheritances of God. We have access to;

To the Spirit of God for empowerment (Acts 1:18, John 7:38)

The conquest or victory of Christ over satan and its works (Col 2:12, 1 John 3:8)

Prosperity and all riches in His glory (Phil 4:19)

The ministering angels (Heb 1:6)

To do all Christ can and more (John 14: 12)